Bodybuilding Offseason

Weight Loss

Body Recomposition/Toning


And that's a very good question. Each plan that you choose is catered towards a different goal. For weight loss clients the goal is pretty simple; lose unwanted body fat and become healthier. Body recomposition/toning is a little different than the weight loss category. For these clients the goal is to lose small amounts of body fat and to fill the space back out with muscle. This creates a harder, more toned look. The bodybuilding offseason category is for serious bodybuilders who want to add lean muscle tissue to their physiques in between shows. (Note: I do not coach athletes for pre-show, only offseason).


Each program will come with a personally customized meal plan that works based around your personal likes, dislikes, and schedule. NO MEAL PLAN IS THE SAME! There is no "cookie cutter" programs that I hand out to clients. Diets can be very flexible and will not make you hate the food you eat. Additionally to the meal plan, each program includes workout routines based around your goals. Workouts can vary greatly! If an exercise puts you in unnecessary pain, there is no reason to do that exercise and will be swapped out promptly. Finally all programs will come with a supplement protocol. At the very least this will be a few additional supplements that will improve quality of life and health, but for the few who are very serious and are willing to spend a little extra on supplements, a full supplement protocol will be made to fit your personal goals. All three of these can and will be changed based on preferences and how your progress is going. My WhatsApp will be given to you so you can ask any question you may have at any time. Weekly check-ins with progress pictures are required to assess progress.*