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Meet Coach Aryan 


ISSA Bodybuilding Specialist

Weight Loss Specialist 

Hey this is Coach Aryan! I'm a Veteran certified Master Trainer, specialized in weight loss, body transformations as well as rehabilitation and corrective exercise for professional athletes. I have personally worked with many of the companies and top brands in the industry including 24 Hour , KOKO Fit, and Lifetime in able to learn and perfect all of my coaching techniques and exercise prescription. 


“Not only I call Aryan a best friend but also an amazing coach that his knowledge is complete and his attitude towards health and fitness is beyond motivational. Thank again coach for everything !”

Nic Passalaqua 

Pro Golf Player 

“Dude You are incredible. I mean most of the time you are a pain in the a** but I can't thank you enough for the place we have gotten to today.”

AJ Watters  
Fitness Model 

“What I love about Aryan is that he puts everything into his job. He is so well educated and experienced in the field of performance and corrective exercise that it completely blew my mind! ”

Brianna Smith 

Track Runner / Student  

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